Sam met her Kindergarten teacher today.  She has been really nervous about going to Kindergarten, but after today, she is super excited.  So excited that she decided to read Green Eggs and Ham to me tonight.  She’s been reading for a while, but she doesn’t ever like to read books before bed.  I guess that’s because we have always read to her, and she doesn’t want to flip it around.  I don’t know.

She did so well.  She only came to a few words that she didn’t already know.  Most she sounded out, even though she doesn’t like to do that.  I’m so proud of her!

I remember last fall when we went to Gatlinburg, we ate at a place called Dick’s.  It was pretty crude.  I remember telling Brian that we probably couldn’t come again because the walls were filled with things that I’m glad my girls couldn’t understand.  Now that Sam can read, I guess we have to be even more careful about where we go and what we expose her to.