Rain Gear

Those of you who have known me for a while know that I love me some rain gear.  I was even known as “the yellow boot girl” in high school.  That is not really an experience that I want to relive (nothing like high school public humiliation).   However, I still have my knee-high bright yellow boots and will wear them again one day.

Apparently, I still have this desire to dress for the rainy days.  Samantha received a cute lady bug raincoat for Christmas last year from her Nana.  (I would link to the picture, but since we switched sites, I have no idea where our pictures are.)  It was an 18 month size and she has really worn it.  It’s been a great coat, well made, and cute to boot.  Sadly, it has gotten a little small.  She can still wear it (at 27 months), but I know it won’t last much longer.

Recently, Nana told me that the new rain coats had just been delivered at Sam’s, where the old one came from!  I finally got a chance to run some much needed errands yesterday.  Sam’s was one of my stops, so I had to check out the new rain gear.  I found this cute green coat and the frog boots came from Target.

Of course, I had to let her try them on when I got home.  She can’t stop talking about the boots and goes to her closet to pull them out every chance she gets.  I hope she has many happy rainy day memories.