Grand Canyon

It was certainly a whirlwind trip, but well worth it.



We saw LOTS of elk.  Lots.  Most of the time, like this one below, we accidentally walked up to them without realizing it.  This one was at the Visitor’s Center just as we got off the shuttle bus.  Otherwise, we saw a lot of Abert’s squirrels, a couple of families of mule deer, butterflies, ravens, and vultures.  I was hoping to see condors, but no luck.



View from Mather Point:



On the Bright Angel Trail at the 2nd tunnel:



On the Bright Angel Trail at the 1.5 mile resthouse (1.5 mile hike down, with 1100′ elevation change):



We also hiked the South Kaibab Trail almost down to Ooh-Aah Point.  This picture was right before the many switchbacks near the head of the trail.




Sunset from Pima Point:



Harvest moon rise on the Fall Equinox from Pima Point:


I’d love to post a video with a time lapse shot of the moon rising.  It was very awesome.  Maybe Brian can work on it in his spare time.

UPDATE:  Here is the time lapse video of the moon rise!

I think my favorite spot to view was Yaki Point because you could see the many trails, and had a great panoramic view of the canyon.  Pima Point was good to see and hear the rapids below, but the water was very dirty from all the flooding in Colorado.