Ramblings in October

I have a new niece! Penelope (orginially undecided, I have yet to hear the final verdict on middle name) Burns was born on Tuesday, 10/6. Happy Birthday Penny! I know your big brothers will love having you around!

A while ago, I went to our new Joann Fabrics. oh. my. gosh. Some serious fabric in that place. You take a number when you first walk in and maybe, by the time you’re ready to leave, someone will call it so you can get your fabric cut. I wanted to buy some fabric to make Samantha a tutu. I thought she would enjoy playing with it. I ended up making one for her and one for her friend, Sydney. Sam has yet to put it on. She hides in the corner when I ask her if she wants to wear it. But, she does the same thing with her ladybug Halloween costume. The ladybug costume has been out for about 2-3 weeks now, and she won’t have anything to do with it. I figured she would be reluctant with it, which is why I got it out so early. That girl of mine doesn’t like change. She is seriously routine-oriented. Anyway, Joann Fabrics was awesome.

We were going to try to head to a Pumpkin Patch this weekend. However, the weather doesn’t look promising.

It’s hard to believe that Samantha’s birthday is coming up! She’ll be two next week! What a silly girl she is. She makes me laugh.