We’ve been doing a lot of swimming this summer.  There is a community pool about a mile from our house, so getting there is easy.  We have been going to this pool for several years because it was the babysitter’s pool, and they offer lessons even if you are not a member.

This year, I tried all summer to get lessons, but it hasn’t worked out so far.  However, since we go 3 or 4 times each week to the pool, the girls are doing great!  Sam has learned to swim underwater, jump in, and tread.  Ellie jumps in (she did it before Sam), is a great kicker and uses her arms a good bit too.  She still uses a float, but likes to practice with a kick board.

What’s funny about Sam jumping in is that she stands at the edge of the pool and holds her nose.  As she jumps in, she lets go of her nose.  She only jumps in at the shallow end, so her head is not going underwater.  We’ll see what happens if she gets water up her nose.



We’ve had a great time at the pool all summer even though we’ve had a record amount of rain.  Like I said, it’s so close to our house that we can easily come and go if it rains.


Jolie’s Baptism

Wow, yesterday was a big day!  We spent the day with Michael, Jackie, Chloe and Jolie.  The girls played hard in the morning and at 2PM, Sam went back to MamaLinda’s for a much needed nap and the rest of us went to Jolie’s Baptism.

Jolie was such a good little girl at her Baptism.  The only time she got upset was when they were pouring what had to be 40º water on her head.  I would’ve complained a little too.

Jolie's Baptism

She’s all Holy now.

Michael, Jamie, Jackie, Jolie and Brian

After that Michael and Jackie invited everyone over to their house for food and fun.  They had loads of stuff to do outside and when Samantha returned she and Chloe played with everything:  the swingset, the tic-tac-toe game, crouquet, dirt and the bounce house!

Samantha playing Tic Tac Toe

Samantha playing with dirt

Samantha and Chloe Jumping

Who likes cucumbers?  Chloe.

Chloe eating a cucumber with ranch dressing all over her mouth,