Lemonade $tand

All summer, Samantha has been dreaming of operating a lemonade stand. I think she got the idea from one of her Highlights magazines. But, there is a young girl who lives a few streets down from us who has a lemonade stand once or twice per summer. I always stop on my way to/from the pool when her stand is open. The girls find it hilarious to stop and get lemonade.

This began her dream.

First, she had to draw it out and get it just so.


Then she had to make sure she had enough money for the supplies. Next, she had to find a free afternoon when someone could take her to the store for said supplies. She decided to splurge and get some helium balloons.  I told her they might cost a lot of money, but she assured me that “Sometimes, you have to spend some money to make some money.”  Yes, dear.  When supplies were got, she got to work.


And she got so excited that she got the rest of us to join in.


The little venture was much more profitable than I would have imagined: maybe because we were under a heat advisory and it was literally 100 degrees outside, or maybe we just have really nice neighbors. Either way, she had a blast.  And I hope she learned a little too.