Samantha’s Mr. Potato Head Family

Aunt Lizzie gave Samantha a Mr. Potato Head family for her birthday last year.  She really likes it.  Lately, when she’s finished dressing them up, she’ll line them all up and tell me to take a picture.  Each one has a name (Mommy, Daddy, Sam and Ellie).  We went to the McWane Science Center recently where they had a Mr. Potato Head exhibit.  With all the Toy Story 3 stuff, Mr. Potato Head seems everywhere.  Here are some of her creations.

(I helped with the Mommy one in the above picture, but all the others she did by herself.)


Whenever it is a family member’s birthday, we always try to sing “Happy Birthday” to that person.  Samantha has grown to love this song and she sings it a good bit.  Over the last 10 days, Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Daniel had birthdays.  We’ve been singing “Happy Birthday” a lot.

However, Samantha has not moved past Jackson.  His birthday was in January.  Whenever she sings the Birthday song, she inserts “Jackson” where appropriate.  He still has the hold on her.