Some Sewing

I got the sewing bug a couple of months ago. I have made several skirts, a shirt, a dress, with two more dresses in the works. When spring and summer start to roll around every year, I get the itch to make dresses and skirts.

This year, Sam had to wear a Pirate costume for the letter X at school. They went on a treasure hunt, made a parrot clip for their shoulder, and had lots of pirate activities for the day. I got the idea to make a Circle skirt a while ago, and finally decided to put it to good use. I used a red chevron fabric, and with some consultation with Mom and Lizzie, I think it turned out great!
I also made the white peasant blouse. I think they turned out cute when putting the whole thing together.


I also found a cute tiny elephant print fabric. I used it to make a Circle skirt for Ellie. I love that fabric! I will have to get some more and find another use for it!

See the Mauter family picture for Ellie in her elephant circle skirt.

Then, I decided to make some dress up clothes for Ellie’s birthday. So far, I have made a Minnie Mouse dress, but a Rapunzel and Mickey Mouse are planned too. I even did some hand embroidery on the Minnie Mouse dress with a stem stitch! Not bad.

More pictures to come later. She hasn’t seen the Minnie Mouse dress yet.