Spring Gardens

I love it when spring comes and you finally get to plant and see new growth and new blooms!

I usually have cilantro in my herb garden, and have been slowly adding a new herb each year. My parsley never died back during last winter, and has now grown to about 2′ tall! I got a new basil plant (sadly it will not winter over here) and I moved my potted rosemary (trimmed to look like a Christmas tree) to the ground.

I also decided to plant a tomato in the ground this year. We did the upside down thing last year, and although it worked, I really just couldn’t be bothered with it this year. I was already digging for the rosemary and basil, so I just added my tomato to the same spot. Maybe it will do ok there.

And the Pink Ruffles azaleas in the back! Oh my. They do very well in that spot. This time of year is a phenomenal explosion of pink back there. I didn’t want pink, but it was the only color that I could get 17 pots in the same color.


Azaleas from 4/22: (I wish we had a window on the backside of the house…)