Ellie’s 4K Preschool Thanksgiving Program

Ellie was sick for her Thanksgiving Program, but I didn’t realize it until later that day.  As evidence by her profuse yawning, and other tale-tell signs of sickness, she probably should have stayed home.  But, she did a great job fighting through and singing her best.  This year, she was a pilgrim.


And an excerpt from “He’s My Turkey.”

Ellie’s First Day of 4K Preschool

This is our last year down the preschool hallway at school.  It feels a little strange.  I’ve been sitting in the preschool carpool for 4 years now, so it’s a little “been there, done that.”  It will be strange to have them both in elementary school and in uniforms, but that’s a whole year away.

This little nut had a hard time at the “Meet the Teacher” last week, but she got out of the car like a old pro this morning.  The principal looked at me, in the driver’s seat, like “Ok. well.  Crisis averted.”  She had a great day, and asked that I put orange circle chips in her lunch next time.  If that’s the only thing bad/unusual, I think we’ll have a great year!



Samantha’s Thanksgiving Play

The Kindergarten classes have a Thanksgiving play followed by a feast with parents.  Samantha was a Native American.  She had to say one line, and sing many songs as part of the play.  The highlight was the “Wacky Gobbler” song where two girls dressed as turkeys danced around the audience.