Back Porch Ingenuity

We like our back porch. The Mauters helped us build it shortly after we moved in to our house. As long as we don’t stuff it full of furniture, it’s a great place to relax.

Samantha, of course, loves anything outside. She just itches to get outside in the afternoons after her nap. She’s pretty happy on the porch, but would rather be outside in the backyard eating dirt, spreading mulch or picking azaleas.

Not so recently, the spline came off the bottom of the door that holds the screen in. Also, some bugs ate through some of the screen. And Brian put a hole in it doing something. Our door was needing some repair. One day last week, I opened the back door so Samantha could go onto the porch. Brian came home from work shortly after that. He asked where she was, and I told him. But, wait, she wasn’t back there. She was in the backyard. She apparently learned to crawl through the bottom part of the door where the screen wasn’t attached! I don’t really care about her being back there by herself, because she comes back into the house every few minutes. But, I didn’t realize we needed to smarty-proof our falling apart door. Silly girl.