Ellie’s 4K Preschool Thanksgiving Program

Ellie was sick for her Thanksgiving Program, but I didn’t realize it until later that day.  As evidence by her profuse yawning, and other tale-tell signs of sickness, she probably should have stayed home.  But, she did a great job fighting through and singing her best.  This year, she was a pilgrim.


And an excerpt from “He’s My Turkey.”

Samantha’s Thanksgiving Play

The Kindergarten classes have a Thanksgiving play followed by a feast with parents.  Samantha was a Native American.  She had to say one line, and sing many songs as part of the play.  The highlight was the “Wacky Gobbler” song where two girls dressed as turkeys danced around the audience.




Preschool Thanksgiving Program

Samantha had her Thanksgiving program at school this morning. She has been singing songs about Thanksgiving for a week or two. (Before that, it was silly songs about pumpkins and Halloween.) The latest song that’s in my head is “We Are Thankful” to the tune of “Frere Jacques.”

We are thankful
We are thankful
For our food
For our food
On Thanksgiving Day
You will hear us say
Thank you
Thank you

Brian took a bunch of pictures, but for now, I’ll just post this video.  Samantha is in a red shirt in the middle of the “Indians.”  She is next to a little boy in yellow, and a little girl in green.  (She’s at least a head taller than both of them.)


Here are some pictures too.