New Shoes: Reprise

Remember when we had the issue with new sandals in the spring? Well, it seems we’re going to have the same problem again this fall. It must just be new shoes. It doesn’t matter if you can see your toes or not, it’s just different. So, maybe after a few feet-glued-to-floor incidences, Samantha will be able to wear closed toed shoes again.

Samantha has really begun to talk these days. She’s even putting words together. “Where are you, Mommy?” She is getting new words every day, most of which are mostly intelligible.

Our tomatoes are coming along! Samantha enjoyed most of the first one, with Brian getting a few slices on a sandwich. I picked 3 more small ones today, but many more are almost ready.

Yoga and Tomatoes

Brian says I need to update my readers. Ok, ok, so I am no longer running in the mornings. It lasted a few weeks. Oh well. Instead, I’m doing yoga. I feel like my mom, definitely. But, I do enjoy it. Wai Lana comes on APT most days so I record it and do my 30 minute session during nap time. It’s nice. And maybe so nice that it will last longer than 2 weeks. So far, so good! I was inspired after I came home from the Wellness Retreat at Sacred Heart.

Our first tomato is *almost* ready to be picked. It’s very close. Maybe I’ll pick it tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions for what I can do with ONE, SMALL tomato?

We’ve only had 1 looker for our house. Sigh.