All She Wants for Christmas

Sam lost her other top front tooth at school. Apparently, she bit down too hard while at lunch and her tooth started bleeding. It caused issues with the other Kindergarten teacher and the PE teacher. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the whole story, so I have no idea why the PE teacher had anything to do with it.

The permanent teeth are no where to be seen, so for now, we tease her by asking her to say things like “first,” “three” or “frozen.” But, she takes the little teasing because she gets to use 2 straws!


Lost Tooth #3

Samantha received another visit from the Tooth Fairy last night!  The top front tooth had been wiggly for months, it seemed.  She was not willing to pull it out, but occasionally complained about it hurting when she was eating.  Duh!  Finally, I convinced her to let me pull it!


After going to the dentist, they said the other top tooth is wiggly too!  It will be a while before it comes out, knowing my girl.  That’s ok.  The permanent tooth isn’t coming in yet on the first one.

Another visit from the Tooth Fairy

Sam had another tooth coming in.  The second one on the bottom.  It was coming in way, WAY behind the baby tooth, so the baby tooth took a long time to loosen.  Finally, the baby tooth was loose enough to pull.  I think it was a little more traumatic this time judging by the amount of tears.  (Take a look at the Before and After shots below.)  But, a reminder about a visit from the Tooth Fairy seemed to help.



It’s Official!

Sam lost her first tooth this morning!  She’s officially a big girl now.  (And I’m still not believing it!)

As I discovered last weekend, I knew her tooth was loose.  I hadn’t been wiggling it all week because I wasn’t quite ready for it to go.  I would ask her if it was still wiggly though.  I bought some material earlier in the week to make a Tooth Fairy Pillow.  I finished it last night and gave it to her this morning.  She was excited as I explained the process to her.  Then, as she was eating her last bite of breakfast, she bit down on it.  It must have really hurt, because she started crying and after examination, it was bleeding.  I asked if she was ready for me to pull it.

After some initial trepidation, she was brave and let me pull it out!  She’s been showing her holy smile to everyone today!  (And I’m glad I finished her tooth fairy pillow just in time!)