Janie Has More Email Than You

I don’t have time to read through my massive inbox, so I’m not reading replies.
We’re still working hard in the Valley. It’s not going as fast as the coordinators hoped, so we might stay here another day before going to Antigua for the weekend. It’s just so incredibly wet. I knew it was a rainforest, but goodness it rains 1″-2″ per day.
Otherwise, doing well.

Janie Took a Shower

I’m tired and have been waiting in line to use the iPad. We had a hard day today working in the rain all day. “chippy chippy” is a constant misty rain. I probably butchered the spelling, but that’s how you say it. We’re fine and I finally had a warmish shower tonight. I had the same clothes on since Saturday. But, we’re doing well and eating well.


Janie Has Reached Camp

We are here at the camp and just set up our beds.  We stayed last night at a hotel in Coban and had hot showers this morning.  The drive here was so bumpy.  I mean bumpy.  For hours.  We laughed and laughed.  We worked a little this morning.  And after lunch we hiked up the mountain behind the bodega.  There were some banana trees at the top and we wanted to see the view.  The clouds moved in at the time so we couldn’t see the valley below, but it was nice. It started raining after that and has been cold since.  We’re doing well.  It’s nice.