Testing the Waters

The girls both have tents, and we have talked about camping for quite a while.  We never had the time to do it though.  Before the fall got too crazy, there was a cold snap that hit our area.  We decided to try out camping in the backyard.  I wasn’t sure how they would do, especially since they insisted on sleeping in separate tents.  Naturally, my fears were not founded and they did great.  They did get cold during the night, and were up at about 6am the next morning, but otherwise, they loved it.  I think it’s safe for us to venture outside of our yard next time.


A Little Project

Right as school was starting, Brian and I took it upon ourselves to do one final project on the house before we got too crazy into the fall.  We hired some Lackeys (yes, that was their last name) to remove the popcorn ceiling out of the living room.  It was the final room on the main level to have popcorn.  Brian said that once the popcorn was down, we could start on the hardwood floor.  I didn’t realize it would all happen at the same time, in the whirlwind of school starting, but hey, what’s another project?

We pulled up the carpet prior to the ceiling coming down.  Then we pulled up the pad and the subfloor.  We had to lay new subfloor and find the flooring.



And got started.


Safety first!  (Later this day, Ellie had a fever.  A week later, we discovered that she had walking pneumonia.  She is such a trouper even when sick!)


I guess I should get a picture of the final product.  It looks nice, and I’m glad to have one more room of hardwood.  The room is arranged differently, with the piano and TV switching spots.  We still need to rotate the piano a bit to allow for a little more room by the recliner, but it certainly works for us now.

Easter 2015

We started our long Easter weekend with some egg dyeing.  Don’t mind all the scaffolding and ladders in the background.  It’s a never-ending construction site at our house.


On Easter morning, the Easter bunny was clever in hiding baskets.  The girls searched and searched for their baskets.  Samantha found hers first.  It was in the dryer.


Ellie could not find hers.


But all of us pitched in to help her.  She was finally successful!  It was in the oven.


In taking this family shot, I think it was the quickest I have ever taken Easter pictures before in my life.  No one cried.  No one was mad.  No one stormed off in a dramatic fashion – it was unlike all previous Easter family pictures.


Sadly, this will be one of the last pictures with this big oak tree (behind Brian).  About 3 weeks later, it fell.   There’s that drama.  I thought it had skipped us.