Samantha and Jennifer

Samantha has a new friend named Jennifer.  Jennifer is real, unlike Sicka, Goodoo and Funny.

Jennifer bought our old house.

Jennifer came over to the house before we moved out to get a tour.  Weird, right?  She was a first-time home buyer, but even still, she wanted to walk around and look at things like speakers, ethernet plugs and sprinkler system valve boxes.  Oh, and how do you turn on the fireplace?  Try that random switch right by the fireplace.  Anyway, Samantha was at home and met Jennifer and all of Jennifer’s entourage.  Again, weird, right?

Sam didn’t walk around with me while I showed Jennifer the very normal things about our house.  I don’t recall what she did during that time, but it wasn’t hanging around Jennifer.

When we first moved over to the new house, Samantha was very excited about her new room and new closet.  The new backyard, the new bath tub, the new driveway.  It was all very exciting.  However, in the time since, she has started talking increasingly about Jennifer and the old house.  She pretend calls Jennifer on the phone and says things like “I want to come over but my mommy won’t let me.”  Which is of course true.  Today, during her pretend call, she told Jennifer that she loved her.

Her brain is doing some weird stuff to make sense of the move.


We haven’t been doing a lot around here lately.  We’re doing our best to get sick and stay sick.  🙁  Ellie is even fighting her first cold!  She has a nasty sounding cough, so I hope it’s not croup.  The rest of us (including Sam) don’t sound croupy, so I hope it’s just normal drainage.  But, we are definitely a goop factory around here.  Everyone is ooey goey.

Some good news though: we got a contract on our house last week!  It’s contingent on the sale of the buyer’s house (and she has a contract contingent on the sale of her buyer’s house).  So, I’m not holding my breath for a closing date, but we’re moving in the right direction.  We lost the contract on the house that we wanted to buy.  However, to make a long story short, it’s now back on the market again.  It’s still my favorite house, but we are currently looking into others to see what else is on the market.  Brian found one that he likes better.  My gut says No on that one.

We are becoming a coffee drinking household.  Brian started drinking coffee a while back in order to cut out sugary sodas.  He still drinks a soda about half the time.  After my maternity leave, I started drinking caffeine because Ellie was not sleeping through the night yet.  I really try not to drink it because it’s so horrible for you.  At any rate, I got started on Diet Dr. Pepper, but now drink coffee at home on the weekends.  Ellie is still not sleeping through the night, but I’d sure love to cut my caffeine habit.  I had a headache by 8:55AM one morning because I hadn’t had my drink yet.  Too much dependence for me!!!

I finally got a ticket out to Denver!  I’ve been watching ticket prices for a year now.  Whenever I find a good deal (which isn’t often) I can’t go for one reason or another (like Labor & Delivery!).  However, a deal came up this past week and I decided enough was enough and I booked a flight for February.  I’m excited.  And nervous because Ellie will have to come with me.  Merry Christmas to me!  See you soon Lizzie and Guillaume!

Happy Halloween!

Yoga and Tomatoes

Brian says I need to update my readers. Ok, ok, so I am no longer running in the mornings. It lasted a few weeks. Oh well. Instead, I’m doing yoga. I feel like my mom, definitely. But, I do enjoy it. Wai Lana comes on APT most days so I record it and do my 30 minute session during nap time. It’s nice. And maybe so nice that it will last longer than 2 weeks. So far, so good! I was inspired after I came home from the Wellness Retreat at Sacred Heart.

Our first tomato is *almost* ready to be picked. It’s very close. Maybe I’ll pick it tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions for what I can do with ONE, SMALL tomato?

We’ve only had 1 looker for our house. Sigh.

Almost ready to move in!

It’s about time for another update, right?  The house is mostly complete.  We had
our walk-through on July 31st, and that was where we told them what they still needed
to complete.  Sod and landscaping really add a finishing touch!  We close
on August 5th, so I guess that means we should start packing?  Everyone in our neighborhood is really great.  We’re all super excited to be moving in.  After work everyday, there’s a big block party when everyone comes to look at his house.  Brian and Janie are ready to move in and enjoy being homeowners!  Janie will just be glad that there is some color on the walls instead of “apartment cream.”