We’ve had a group of turkeys in our backyard all winter.  It looks to be 1 male and 2 females.  They usually don’t get close enough to get a decent picture.  This morning, Molly was on the back porch and was deeply intent on something in the back yard.  I never looked to see what she was looking at, but I knew she was focused because she was not bothered by the girls knocking on the glass windows.  Brian suddenly yelled from the back bedroom “There’s a huge turkey in the back yard!” 

We proceeded to watch the male show his tail feathers and dance at the nearby females, who seemingly were not paying attention.  🙂   In the first video, near the 10 sec mark, above the slide, the female shakes her wings.  In the second video, the male is turning in circles and dancing near the middle of the screen. 

No more excuses

Some of you might remember that I hurt my toe about 18 months ago. I thought I broke it. It hurt tremendously. You might not know that I sucked it up into the carpet cleaner beater brush of our vacuum. Yes, internet, I beat my toe with a vacuum. Well, it turned out to be fine, after several trips to the doctor. However, I have refused to vacuum since then. I did not want to subject myself to the torture of that machine. Brian graciously has done all the vacuuming since then. Honestly, he had always done the majority of it, but I could do it occasionally when it was needed.

Now, I don’t have any more excuses. Brian finished installing the central vacuum in our house. We missed the central vac from our past house, so we had always intended to install another one. Water heaters, washing machines, and other items always seemed to get in the way.

It is so quiet. Seriously. With someone sleeping many hours of the day, I’m always concerned about noise, and this cuts down on noise by leaps and bounds. We’re both excited, but Brian has pulled it out just because he can do one area then put it away again. It’s easy and convenient, and I’m glad we have it.