15 or 16 months

I’m behind on getting news out about Ellie.  Typical, I know.

Ellie had her 15 month check up a few weeks ago.  She’s a whoppin 19 lbs, which puts her in the 3rd percentile.  However, she’s 31″ tall which is about the 95th percentile.  She’s a regular Long Tall Sally.  I still have her turned rear-facing in the car, but Brian has yet another car seat in his car so she can ride face forward.

She started at St. Peter’s daycare in early August.  After an initial rough week or two, she’s doing just fine now.  We’ve got our routine down for drop off and pick up, and they are accommodating to my schedule.

She has a particular squeal when she sees Molly.  She can say “All done.”  She can squish her nose, which is so cute.  She knows a few body parts, like ear, eye and teeth.  She can use signs to say “more,” “all done,” and just recently “please.”  She still has only 6 teeth.

Ellie likes to play with whatever Sam is playing with.  She like cars or things with wheels.  Ellie is a Daddy’s girl and loves to rough-house with him.  She’s all ears.

Happy Birthday to Ellie!

Wow.  Can you believe it?  Little E is the big ONE!

She was so little when she was born!  (The size of Brian’s hand!)

But now she’s a bustling one year old!

She is so sweet.  She loves baby dolls and cuddly toys.  She will not hold her bottle voluntarily, but prefers to keep her arms completely outstretched while drinking.  She does not like the texture of table food, but loves baby food.

We had her birthday party on Sunday.  Most all of her family came despite the horrific weather last week.  My brother still doesn’t have power!  He and his family (and week old ducklings) spent the weekend with us doing laundry, charging electronics, and drinking coffee.  But, we all had great weather after the storms, so it was a perfect weekend to have a party!

Hm – I’m not so sure about this.

Ouch!  She didn’t actually touch the candle, but obviously, she came very close!

Stand Off.

Dig in!


Thanks for taking pictures, A&L!

She had her check up today, and all is well.  She is about the 90th percentile for height, but only about the 10th for weight.  Also, the pediatrician told me that they recommend following the new AAP guidelines for car seats.  Ugh!  Another year of rear-facing!

Ellie at 11 months

I don’t have much to report for Ellie’s last month.  She just continues to grow and get so big!  She started pulling up to a standing position.  (Thank goodness we lowered the crib all the way when we moved – it was still pretty high!)  She hasn’t started crusin’ the furniture yet, but did walk a bit today with her walker.

As a side note, Brian dropped our camera over a year ago (or maybe longer).  It was fine except the onboard flash broke.  Completely.  I honestly have never missed it during all this time.  Except for today.  Ellie was so thrilled to be outside, but I couldn’t get her to face the sun (or even close), so I was left with a dark face.  (But don’t you love the glow!)

Ellie at 10 months

Ellie turned 10 months old during our move. What a crazy week (and weeks since) it was! Ellie can really get to where she wants to go by crawling. She’s getting into everything! She finds exactly what she’s NOT supposed to play with (like computer cords) and wants it. She has recently taken a liking to baby dolls (which Samantha never really did). She’s still very sweet, but is showing more and more of her fiesty personality every day!