Ellie at 11 months

I don’t have much to report for Ellie’s last month.  She just continues to grow and get so big!  She started pulling up to a standing position.  (Thank goodness we lowered the crib all the way when we moved – it was still pretty high!)  She hasn’t started crusin’ the furniture yet, but did walk a bit today with her walker.

As a side note, Brian dropped our camera over a year ago (or maybe longer).  It was fine except the onboard flash broke.  Completely.  I honestly have never missed it during all this time.  Except for today.  Ellie was so thrilled to be outside, but I couldn’t get her to face the sun (or even close), so I was left with a dark face.  (But don’t you love the glow!)

4 thoughts on “Ellie at 11 months”

  1. She has a little Janie face!
    And I do love the glowing, little ears.

    Your background trees are so green!

  2. I agree LIZZIE–A LITTLE JANIE FACE!!!! Been saying I saw Burns from the first time I saw her!!

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