Christmas 2013

The girls didn’t ask for much this Christmas, so Ellie was showered with Rapunzel and princess gear.



Samantha got a Rainbow Loom, and some headgear.  Both girls got luggage, which they love dragging through the house and packing up.



Brian got a hot dog fork and some clothes.


And I got a new bike (as seen behind Samantha above) and some new kitchen supplies.  Overall, we had a great morning!

Christmas Eve

We stayed at home on Christmas Eve and started our day making sugar cookies.  Samantha has been begging me to make some, so I thought we’d spend our day off making treats for our neighbors and for Santa!

Brian does a good job rolling out dough.  I always make it too dry.


And I helped with the decorations.


Then we took our Reindeer Food outside to sprinkle in the yard.  The girls LOVE doing this every year.  Luckily, they both came home with a pack from school.




Now, we’re ready for Santa!

Decorating Our Tree

I’ve been wanting to do a time-lapse video of something around here.  Decorating our Christmas Tree seemed like a perfect fit for such a project.  I put the camera and laptop on the piano and using EOS Utility I shot tethered every 10 seconds.  I used ImageMagick to crop and resize the images to 1920×1080 and then finally to sequence them as an MPG.