McWane Center and Christmas

What a treat for us today! We went to the McWane Science Center and had lunch at Newk’s afterwards. I’ll post pictures soon. When we first walked in, there were lots of big kids, so we weren’t quite sure how Samantha would do. However, we quickly found the toddler area, and she had a blast. She got to practice climbing stairs, went down a slide, played in some water, went aboard a space ship. Then, as she was getting hungry we took a short break for a snack then quickly strolled through the remainder of the museum. We saw a water exhibit with lots of fish and aquatic life, a train exhibit (Jackson would have been in heaven), dinosaurs and fossils, and lots of hands-on science experiment stuff. I think Samantha will enjoy it for many years.

We are ready to get back to normal life after our extended Christmas vacation. I think Samantha really enjoyed seeing all of her family. She seemed happy at each new place we visited and didn’t seem to mind that she was constantly surrounded by new people. She isn’t used to all her new toys just yet. She seems to be uninterested in most of them. If we play with one new toy, she is slowly getting used to it. I guess too many new things just throw her off balance. Life is full of change, little girl! 🙂

December Ramblings

I was just thinking that we hadn’t posted any news in a while. Thanks for updating us, Brian. I must say, however, that the TiVo might have been on its last leg, but if our power didn’t keep going out, maybe it would’ve lasted longer. Does anyone else’s power go out all the time? Ugh – I don’t like Alabama Power. End rant.

Merry Christmas! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with our family this year. Hopefully, we’ll get to see everyone at some point. I’m not looking forward to being gone for a week, but we should have a good trip and have some time to recover at home too.

In other news, dare I say something? I think Samantha is finally better. I know it’s just in time to be exposed to a whole new set of germs at Christmas. But, for now, we’re enjoying our happy Sam again.

And lastly, Happy Birthday Patrick!!