Sam Lost Another Tooth

I think she’s now lost seven or eight teeth now.  Once again, she wouldn’t let us pull it despite it causing her pain when eating.  We’ve been asking for almost two weeks now.  Finally this morning, she let me pull it.  There wasn’t any pulling involved.  I merely picked it up.  I think the only reason she didn’t swallow it is because it was caught between the two teeth beside it.

Here’s how she told me she needed help.

Sam's note to me requesting help with her tooth.

I’m Not Happy Right Now

In the first place,

I’m not happy right now.  Thank me some time.

In the second place,

  1. Ellie licked the batter!
  2. She gets to make the cake!
  3. I was doing homework!
  4. Ellie’s happier.
  5. I’ve got no time with you!

Note written by Samantha


We really don’t know how this kind of note-writing started; we don’t leave notes like this.  Sam’s note is very clear.  She makes a very reasoned and complete argument as to why she’s unhappy.  I’m not sure who taught her contractions, bulleted/numbered lists or the first and second abbreviations.

Janie and Samantha had already made up by the time I got home today.

Safari Greg at the Hoover Public Library

Tuesday nights we head over to the library for a free show.  They always bring in really entertaining acts.  This week was Safari Greg.  He brought a Milk Snake, a Cayman, a Boa Constrictor and a Milk Snake to show.  He also does a bit of magic.  The room erupted with screams when that funny helmet lamp lit up no matter how many times he blew it out.  At the end of the show, he let everyone sit with the Boa Constrictor.  We waited for over half an hour, but it was worth it.

Sam and Ellie sitting Safari Greg and Boa Constrictor


I got a call from the director of Ellie’s day care today. I never get a call unless something is wrong, so I was preparing to immediately leave work and head over there.

She told me that Ellie’s class had begun to use scissors, under supervision. (Again, I’m thinking that Ellie has chopped her finger off or something of that nature.) Apparently, Ellie decided to cut her hair in a 2-second time that her teacher turned around. Boom. It has taken 3 years to get a thin head of hair on her, and she chops it off in one swoop.

She is left-handed, so she swung her hand around and chopped off a chunk from her right side. At first, I thought she just feathered the front to frame her face, or cut slight bangs. It was pretty stylish actually. Then, I noticed the chunk from behind the ear.

Oh well. It will grow back. We can chalk this up to one of the necessary incidences with children. 🙂



Sam met her Kindergarten teacher today.  She has been really nervous about going to Kindergarten, but after today, she is super excited.  So excited that she decided to read Green Eggs and Ham to me tonight.  She’s been reading for a while, but she doesn’t ever like to read books before bed.  I guess that’s because we have always read to her, and she doesn’t want to flip it around.  I don’t know.

She did so well.  She only came to a few words that she didn’t already know.  Most she sounded out, even though she doesn’t like to do that.  I’m so proud of her!

I remember last fall when we went to Gatlinburg, we ate at a place called Dick’s.  It was pretty crude.  I remember telling Brian that we probably couldn’t come again because the walls were filled with things that I’m glad my girls couldn’t understand.  Now that Sam can read, I guess we have to be even more careful about where we go and what we expose her to.