I got a call from the director of Ellie’s day care today. I never get a call unless something is wrong, so I was preparing to immediately leave work and head over there.

She told me that Ellie’s class had begun to use scissors, under supervision. (Again, I’m thinking that Ellie has chopped her finger off or something of that nature.) Apparently, Ellie decided to cut her hair in a 2-second time that her teacher turned around. Boom. It has taken 3 years to get a thin head of hair on her, and she chops it off in one swoop.

She is left-handed, so she swung her hand around and chopped off a chunk from her right side. At first, I thought she just feathered the front to frame her face, or cut slight bangs. It was pretty stylish actually. Then, I noticed the chunk from behind the ear.

Oh well. It will grow back. We can chalk this up to one of the necessary incidences with children. 🙂


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