24 Month Check Up

We went to the pediatrician last week for Samantha’s 24 month check-up. The doctor walked in and said “Wow, I haven’t seen you in a while!” After looking at her chart, he commented that the last time he saw us was when he recommended tubes for her ears. That was 6 months ago, so he said it was in fact the right decision. It wasn’t cold season during that time, but still, Samantha has been fairly healthy for a good while now.

So, on to her check-up. The doctor said everything looks great. In general, she’s about 60th percentile in growth. Her language development is not where it needs to be, but I think it has drastically improved in the last month or two. He doesn’t seem to be alarmed to it. She got a HiB shot (had a nationally shortage for the last year, otherwise she should’ve had it at her 12 month appointment), a flu shot, and a H1N1 flu nose mist. She’ll have to go back in a month and get the booster shot for the H1N1.