Little Miss has some ingenuity.

We have been putting up Christmas decorations inside and out for a few days now. Yesterday, I let Samantha play with some cranberries that I use as a decoration during this time of year (they’re pretty and last forever – and real ones are a whole lot cheaper than fake ones). After she had squished a few too many, we finished and started on about playing with other things.

Later that afternoon, she discovered where I had them in a vase on a table. I was in the kitchen and not watching her every move. She brought one cranberry to me. Now, that in and of itself is not horrible, but I really didn’t want to get in the habit of finding squished and rotted cranberries all over the house. So, I asked her to put it back and not touch anymore. I moved the vase to out of her reach and went back to the kitchen. The next thing I know, she brings me another one.

At this point, she knows that she did something wrong. I walk with her back over to where the cranberries where. Guess what!? She had brought her wipes container from out of her bedroom, into the living room so she could stand on it and reach this tempting red berry!

Let me say, she stands on her wipes container when it’s in its spot in her room to reach things on her dresser, but she has never moved it around, especially to other rooms to enable her to get just a little taller. I can’t believe that she put that together. Amazing. I guess she’s not so little anymore.

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