Crazy Bama Fan

I must be one.  Almost.

fan with Bryant tattoo

What other kind of person would go out to buy a t-shirt or hat at the nearest Academy Sports store at midnight after a football game?  That was me last night.  I figured there would be 50-100 people there, but I never guessed that the parking lot would be full, Hoover police would be manning the doors and there would be hundreds of fans lined up outside in 20° weather for hours.  Alabama won the National Championship.  That was unreal enough, but after seeing the crowd at Academy I really didn’t know what to think.  Everyone was very happy and celebrating.  Cars would drive by the store, windows rolled down, blasting anthems and songs that made the wait seem more like a party.  There were people hanging out of the moving cars slapping hands all down the line too.

I must admit that I never got out of my truck but I sure was trying to find “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Rammer Jammer” on the iPod so my subwoofer and I could do our part to further the party environment.  I never got to it quickly enough but then again I didn’t run anybody over either.

ABC 33/40 was there too.

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