That’s what Sam is.  Poor thing.  She’s still sick, and now it’s worse than ever.  Combine that with an intolerance of medicines, and we have a severely pitiful little girl.  She got two shots today, so hopefully she will begin to feel better and we can go back to regular medicine soon.

Today, the doctor determined that she has lost the tube in her right ear, so we’ll have to be careful about that one.

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  1. I believe Sam first got sick right before her cousin Chloe’s birthday party on January 10, 2010. Then I got sick for a week. Then we were all well. Then Janie got sick for a week. I got sick again just as Janie started feeling better. On the same weekend we first noticed the pus draining from Sam’s left ear. We got the ear drops and sure enough in about five days she was feeling good again. It took me a little longer to start feeling better. Then Janie got sick again last week and on Friday afternoon we were feeling about 90% back to normal. Then Saturday came with Sam’s awful awful cough and on Sunday morning I took her to the doctor. He said her left ear is still inflamed and that she has croup. She gets a special antibiotic for the ear infection (can’t have simple antibiotics because of the hives she got on her first birthday) and she gets an oral steroid for the croup. We’re also cleared to use Children’s Mucinex (thank God). Sunday evening she gets the steroid and the antibiotic and she vomits. Fortunately Janie is quick and she caught all of it in Sam’s bib. (BTW, vomit wreaks.) Monday morning, she gets the steroid and all is swell. Monday evening she gets the steroid and antibiotic. About five minutes later she vomits again, but this time we’re not so lucky. I spent 45 minutes cleaning the kitchen and I can’t believe how far that stuff gets. (BTW, I can confirm that vomit still wreaks.) Monday night she keeps Janie and me awake for over an hour at three in the morning. Tuesday morning she gets the steroid and all is well. I took her back to the doctor at 11 and they stabbed her with a super-special antibiotic and it was apparently very painful to her (much more so than the vaccines). She complained about her legs hurting for more than two hours and Janie said she refused to walk. Doc said we should hold off on the oral antibiotic tonight but give it to her at a different time tomorrow. The steroid tonight was good although we had buckets and shovels on hand just in case.

    This has been an adventure I never want to deal with again for my sake, Janie’s sake and most importantly, Sam’s sake.

  2. We still had a couple of times last night when I thought her dinner was going to come up, but luckily nothing happened. She asked to go to bed at 6:20PM and was still asleep at 7:30AM. She slept through the night, mostly, so maybe we’re out of the worst.

  3. She does look so pitiful.
    I haven’t gotten sick yet, although I expected to, so I’m not sure if I’m waiting to get sick or if I’m out of the woods.

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