Samantha’s 3 year checkup

We went to the doctor today for Sam’s 3 year checkup.  She has been fighting a cold, so I was glad our checkup was now instead of 2 weeks ago.  Turns out, she does have an ear infection.  The right ear’s tube fell out long ago, but we were holding on to the left one.  However, at this point, it is no longer in her eardrum, but working its way out of the ear canal.  Hopefully a round of antibiotics will make her as good as new.

Samantha chimes in just under 40 lbs and 40 inches.  That’s about the 97th and 92nd percentile.  The doctor forecasted that to an adult, which equates to about 5’8″ or 9″.  I don’t think she’ll be that tall, so I’m guessing she’s just an early bloomer.

She got a flu shot and a meningitis vaccine.  I was hoping to get out of there without any shots!

UPDATE:  One thing that I forgot to mention is that one of her current sayings is very funny.  “Oh! Hey!  That’s a good idea!” She’ll say it for any reason at all.

2 thoughts on “Samantha’s 3 year checkup”

  1. I’m convinced that every child check-up involves shots. At least I don’t remember one where Hallie didn’t get one. It seems like even if there weren’t any scheduled for that visit then it was time for the flu shot, or swine flu, or something else. But we can all dream of a shot-less visit…

  2. At her 2 year check up, they told me that she wouldn’t need another shot until she was 5! I was shocked! However, the meningitis shot has been updated to include 6 more strains. Ellie is getting the new version, but Sam has to get caught up. Also, each year at check up time, it’s flu season, so I guess she’ll always get a flu shot.

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