Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it.

I have long been a cat person. I grew up with them and have always enjoyed their company.  Dogs are boisterous and slobbery.

At this point though, I’m almost ready to defy all my previous thoughts and throw my cats to the curb.  I always wondered how people could live with an animal, then just get rid of it.

When we moved to this house, we bought a new mattress for ourselves.  A few months later, a cat peed on our new bed.  Over the last year, it happened another 3 times.  I tried to eliminate the variables: did I change litter recently enough, did the kids torment them recently, had we been out of town, etc.  Last week, it happened again.  I felt like I had done all I could do, so a trip to the vet was in order.  For my 2 neurotic cats, that’s a really big deal.

As it turns out, one did have a UTI.  The other refused to give a sample, so she came home with some medicine too.  As we were leaving, the vet techs told us that the cats were very agitated and that we shouldn’t try to touch or hold them.  There was some serious hissing going on.  I noticed one had a “CAUTION – MAY BITE” sticker on her chart.

Trying to gather up those 2 fur balls and give medicine twice a day is proving to be dangerous.  Last night, they had a cat fight under our bed (which never happens), and we woke up to more urine.  I clean enough pee and poop as it is, and I’m not interested in continually cleaning it in my bedroom.