I like SPAM. It’s great with eggs on camping trips. However, I hate spam. For the last year or so, we’ve been targetted by someone with comment spam on our website. Originally it was links to very disturbing websites, but I stopped that with some nifty regular expressions. Then came the Viagra and Cialis ads. More regexs. Lately, it’s been more amiable it seems. They’ve been about prayers and novenas or stuff like “this is a really nice site”. It’s just junk that I can’t easily filter out with a regex. I’m sure it has been the same jerk all along. If I denied him the ability to post ads, he’s still going to punish me with junk. What a loser. Anyway, most of the bad comments were being sent to old pictures that are really popular. I’m convinced my beach picture has so many hits purely because of the loser spammer. As I sit here, I see requests for that picture hitting the logs. I have decided to shut off comments to pictures that are older than 30 days. If the spammer decides to try something else, then I have a few more options. I’m really trying to avoid making folks log in because it would be a big hassle just to leave a silly comment. I’d like to invite the loser to a camping trip so he could find out what good spam is.