Fort Walton Beach

After graduation, we made a fairly spontaneous trip down to Fort Walton. Once we got there, I realized that we had never been to the beach with just the four of us. It was a great trip, with fantastic weather. The condo was perfect for us: 2 bedrooms with bunk beds in the 2nd bedroom. It had an indoor and outdoor pool, right on the beach. We couldn’t have gotten a better place to stay. (And I got a smokin deal!)

We started out in the pool.


And finished at the beach. Sam loved playing in the water.


And Ellie loved playing in the sand.


Like I said, it was beautiful!


We had such fun.




After spending hours in the ocean, I saw this sign. Oops. I did get sick, but nobody else did. I think I must have picked something up elsewhere.


Ellie only wanted to play in the sand, but she would stand at the edge of the water requesting for someone to fill up her watering can. It made me think of the Coppertone girl.


And we couldn’t leave without making Ellie into a mermaid.


We had a great trip, and I’m so glad we went. We’ll go back soon on our annual family trip, and we’re also hoping to spend lots of time at the neighborhood pool this summer!