Locking the Screen with my Keyboard

I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts.  In Windows, I knew that I could hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then Spacebar to lock the screen in WinXP.  I used that every time I walked away from the computer.

I switched to a Mac at work in 2006.  I never could find a way to use the keyboard to lock the screen without installing and running some extra software (yuck–RAM is precious) or using an Exposé Hot Corner.  The Hot Corner works, but it’s not great.  If you accidentally move your mouse to that corner, you have to quickly move it away or else you’ll be entering your password just to get back to work.  If you accidentally move the mouse shortly after triggering the screensaver, it immediately goes away without prompting for a password.  I’ve made do with the Hot Corner until today.

I found out that Ctrl-Shift-Eject puts the display to sleep (scroll to ArthurMenezeszd1v’s comment).  This is perfect since my Mac prompts for my password upon waking the display.

The quest for computing nirvana is never-ending, but this is at least one more step in the right direction.  Yay.

Published Musician

I, Brian, am now finally a music artist. You can hear my first song ever right here on mauter.com. It’s not a very long song. It’s only two measures. Okay okay, it’s boring. I went through the steps in the tutorial to make this. So I’m using Roland’s samples too. Props to them. Anyway, more to come. Hopefully the next stuff will be longer than two measures.

New and weird

Howdy. Between a new keyboard, new bedroom furniture, tons of weeds in the yard and us installing some gently used shelving in the garage, we’ve been busy. Did you know we’re listed as “More Resources for Painting-Interior Paint Colors”? We are. Just scroll down to almost the end of the page. Also, apparently Brian is a member of the “Dysfunctional Tendencies” volleyball team in the USA Volleyball Association’s Garden Empire Region. Weird huh?