Ellie at 5

It seems that Ellie is the last one in her class to turn 5.  She feels like she has been waiting and waiting and waiting to turn 5.  She finally made it!

She asked for a Rapunzel cake yet again.  Given that this is the 3rd year for her to ask for one, I felt like my substitutions have not been working.  I bit the bullet and did it.  Considering that it didn’t fall over, I call it a success.  Maybe she won’t ask for one next year.


Yes, she had a black eye on her birthday, as is traditional Ellie fashion.  She ran into a swing set pole at school.  No surprise there.

We went to the McWane Center for her birthday party, and the kids had lots of fun.  She picked the Science of Magic show, and it was pretty entertaining!




This girl is spunky, brave, and always fashion conscious.  She loves princesses, longs to know how to read, and wants to be just like her big sister.  She’s certainly one-of-a-kind though.




There is a certain 4 year old at our house who is obsessed with Rapunzel.  It started when she was about 3 and has been going strong since.  Nothing is off limits, but currently, we have an abundant supply of dolls.  She loves them.


I remember when Samantha had a Lightning McQueen obsession at around the same age.  Hers did not last as long as this one has.