Big Girl Bed Update

Samantha has fewer things in her room these days.  We used to have mostly books, but a few toys in there too.  Because she can get into everything now, I have been removing unnecessary items from her room.  Some things (like all the clothes in the top 2 drawers of her dresser) will have to stay, but we’ll have to work through those battles as they come.

She has done very well in the new bed.  She has taken an afternoon nap both days this week.  Yesterday was a very late and short nap, so she woke up in a definite funk, but it was a nap nonetheless.  Last night, it only took her 1 – 1.25 hours to go to sleep, so it’s an improvement from the night before.  Brian put her down for her nap today, and it was a record 30 min!

The time change has messed up our household a little, so maybe that’s partially to blame too for the weird sleep schedules.

2 thoughts on “Big Girl Bed Update”

  1. Glad it’s getting better…we converted Carter’s bed to a toddler bed after he climbed out of the crib about 5 times one Sunday afternoon about 2 months ago. He does pretty well with it but it did take some adjustment!!

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