I’ve been wanting to learn how to French Braid. My subject is somewhat cooperative, but not enough for the amount of practice that I need. I’ve been watching YouTube videos, and there’s a lot of really cute hairstyles out there. I found this blog, which I think I might add to my RSS. Anyway, if someone (ah hem, MOM) knows how, maybe I can learn better. My fingers just don’t cooperate!

3 thoughts on “Braiding”

  1. G asks me at least once a week if I have learned yet..I have been taught and researched it and I just can’t get it 🙁

  2. Braiding frustrates me!!! Penny still doesn’t have enough hair, but I’ve tried to practice on my own and it is not pretty.
    I bet we’ll be pros at it one day.

  3. I’ll be happy to provide a demonstration. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough hair at the moment.

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