Seagrove Beach

We had another great trip to Seagrove with the Betbeze family.  The weather wasn’t great beginning on Sunday, but the water was beautiful!  Many of the family were not there, so the house didn’t seem nearly as crowded.



These two are becoming fast friends.  I wonder what they were talking about.  (Sorry the colors are wonky.  The white balance was set on a funky level.)








Beach Vacay 2011

We’re still working through all of our pictures, but here’s one for proof.  We had lots of fun.


What a trip!  We stayed in the big house again, and it seemed like there weren’t as many people there as usual.  I guess that’s because there wasn’t.

Sam enjoyed the water this year, but was still a little anxious at first.  Every year, it takes less time for her to get used to the water.


Ellie didn’t mind the sand at all, but I think the heat bothered her.

I think she enjoyed Patrick’s truck almost as much as he did!  We also discovered during this trip, that she likes push toys and wheels!


Some kids:


And some family:

Betbeze Beach Trip 2010

Another Betbeze Seagrove beach trip has come and gone. We had fun, even though it was killer hot. I’m so glad the oil had not made it to the coast yet, but sad the the Gulf is being ruined.

Some Betbezes:

the great-grandchildren:

I didn’t take any pictures because my hands were full (of sand and saltwater among other things)! So, thanks to Brian, we have a few pictures to document our stay.

Little E didn’t go outside the house. Luckily, there was usually someone who would watch her for a bit so we could go to the pool or the beach.

We should have taken a picture of Samantha’s room. It was our closet! It was huge! It held a crib/toddler mattress, 2 suitcases, and had room to read books on the floor! She loved having her own space!

Brian went fishing again this year. He didn’t catch 2 sharks like last year (my dad caught the one shark and one grouper) but he had a good time catching the limit on snapper. See Alex’s fishing trip picture.