Some Summer Happenings

I can feel the ever so slight easing of heat around here.  We’ve had glimpses of some nice fall weather, so you know summer is wrapping up.  Here are some pictures from our summer.

Swimming at MamaLinda’s

Walking in the rain

Trying on a Burger King crown

Visiting the McWane Center

Celebrating a 90th birthday

Snow Day, for real

This morning, we awoke to snow on the ground.  It was leftover from yesterday!  Can you believe it?  We played in the snow yesterday afternoon, so here are some pictures.

Getting mittens on those tiny hands was harder than I expected.

Throwing snowballs at Daddy:

Making a snow angel:

Running down a little hill and getting tripped up over her feet:

Rain Gear

Those of you who have known me for a while know that I love me some rain gear.  I was even known as “the yellow boot girl” in high school.  That is not really an experience that I want to relive (nothing like high school public humiliation).   However, I still have my knee-high bright yellow boots and will wear them again one day.

Apparently, I still have this desire to dress for the rainy days.  Samantha received a cute lady bug raincoat for Christmas last year from her Nana.  (I would link to the picture, but since we switched sites, I have no idea where our pictures are.)  It was an 18 month size and she has really worn it.  It’s been a great coat, well made, and cute to boot.  Sadly, it has gotten a little small.  She can still wear it (at 27 months), but I know it won’t last much longer.

Recently, Nana told me that the new rain coats had just been delivered at Sam’s, where the old one came from!  I finally got a chance to run some much needed errands yesterday.  Sam’s was one of my stops, so I had to check out the new rain gear.  I found this cute green coat and the frog boots came from Target.

Of course, I had to let her try them on when I got home.  She can’t stop talking about the boots and goes to her closet to pull them out every chance she gets.  I hope she has many happy rainy day memories.