Climbing, Chewing and More

I have a few news items to report. Samantha has become a bit of a climber lately. She is very interested in climbing up anything that will sustain her – people, furniture, the bath tub, her walker, for example.

I have also seen evidence today that she is chewing on her crib. I knew the day would come, and frankly, I’m surprised that it took so long. I don’t know how long it’s been going on, but our gently worn crib is hanging in there nicely.

And lastly, she is imitating our sounds amazingly these days. She has learned to say “mmmmm” when she picks up a toy cow and “aaaaaa” when she picks up a toy sheep. Also, she makes a kiss sound “mmm smack” if you give her a kiss.

Samantha had her 12 month doctor’s visit and a photo session last week. There should be some photos for your viewing pleasure in Samantha’s library. She had a good doctor’s visit – including 4 shots. She has to go back in a month to get her flu booster shot. 🙁 She was 20 lbs, 2 oz (which means we can turn the car seat around – barely – yay!) and 29.5″ long.