Yes, I got upgraded.

Brian got me an iPhone 5 for Christmas.  I wasn’t really expecting it, because I figured I could last a few more months on my old phone.

My brother asked me what 5 things I liked about my new phone.  At the time, I had 2.  (Keep in mind, I had had it all of 3 days and that was over Christmas when I wasn’t using it much.)  I now have my 5 things.

  1. It’s taller, allowing for an extra row of apps.  Now I barely have to swipe to page 2.
  2. It’s lighter.  The cyst on my purse-carrying shoulder is grateful.
  3. It’s much brighter.  The retina display is really clear.
  4. It’s smokin fast.
  5. The battery life will last a couple of days with medium use before it needs to be charged.  Sweet.
  6. And because I’m generous, I also like the storage space.

There you have it.  The likes of my new iPhone 5.  I upgraded from an 8GB 3GS, so it was quite a leap.

I’m Addicted to Angry Birds

angry birds rio art

Thanks a lot Alex.  Last year at the annual Betbeze Beach vacation, Alex asked me if I had played “mad birds”.  I got the demo and about three minutes later I was hooked.

So far, I have the following versions:

  • Angry Birds FREE
  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds HD FREE
  • Angry Birds HD
  • Angry Birds Seasons FREE
  • Angry Birds Seasons HD FREE
  • Angry Birds Seasons HD
  • Angry Birds Rio FREE
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Rio HD FREE

In case you’re counting, I’ve purchased four different versions of the game.

I’m on a quest to get three stars on every level and all of those golden eggs and stars.

In case you’re not convinced I’m addicted, I’m currently rocking out to the Angry Birds Rio Theme Song.  At first I plugged my computer speakers into my iPhone and let it sit on the initial screen just to listen.  Then I found a YouTube video that had the music.  In the comments, someone left a link to an MP3 download of the theme.  It’s now in my iTunes on repeat one mode.  🙂

Give it a listen, it’s awesome.  The music in the Seasons game is good too.