Zoolight Safari 2013

We love going to the zoo for Zoolight Safari.  It’s usually pretty cold, but we bundle up and tough it out.  New this year, they brought in a large Christmas tree and have a nightly tree lighting.



The girls love visiting Santa here.  I thought Samantha might be over her fear of Santa, but no.  She likes Santa at the zoo, but when Santa came to school for breakfast a few days earlier, she wanted nothing to do with him.  Ellie was thrilled to be able to share her wish.  The girls each told Santa one thing.  I was impressed that it was only one each.  Samantha asked for a Rainbow Loom, and Ellie asked for a trunk full of princess dresses.  We’ll see if they’ve been good.


And of course, we had to take a ride on the Candy Cane Express.  A trip to Zoolight Safari would not be complete without it.



I have fond memories of Samantha in this pink coat.  In fact, here is one of my favorite pictures from Zoolight Safari 2010.  Brown Baby is posing as an elf.