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Happy Birthday, big brother!


Welcome home, mom and dad!


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There is a certain 4 year old at our house who is obsessed with Rapunzel.  It started when she was about 3 and has been going strong since.  Nothing is off limits, but currently, we have an abundant supply of dolls.  She loves them.


I remember when Samantha had a Lightning McQueen obsession at around the same age.  Hers did not last as long as this one has.

1st Grade Nativity Play

By Janie on December 20th, 2014 at 7:15 am with one comment

Samantha was a Narrator for the 1st Grade Nativity Play.  She was very nervous, but practiced and practiced.  It was quite a production, and the entire school attended.  She did such a great job!  I was proud at how well she enunciated and read her lines.



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We took the plunge and spent part of our Fall/Thanksgiving Break at Disney World.  The girls had a great time, and they were SO good while we were there.  Despite spending the evening in the emergency after-hours clinic with Ellie the night before we left, she plowed through.

Each of the girls had been on an airplane before, but neither would remember.  They were thrilled to take the short trip down to Orlando!  We spent the rest of that day at Epcot.  Samantha’s most desired To Do was to ride Test Track.  In the end, her favorite thing was the Tiki Room at Magic Kingdom.





We spent the next day at Magic Kingdom.  And without surprise, Ellie’s most desired To Do was to meet Rapunzel.  It was her favorite thing also.








We ventured over to Hollywood Studios for the following day.  The highlight of that day was playing in the snow at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, watching the Frozen Sing-Along show, and riding Toy Story Mania.


Then, back to Magic Kingdom, where Brian was picked for the early performance of trying to pull the sword from the stone.




Without prompting, the girls read their Safety Information at the appropriate time on the flight home.  What can I say?  They prepare.


Ellie’s 4K Preschool Thanksgiving Program

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Ellie was sick for her Thanksgiving Program, but I didn’t realize it until later that day.  As evidence by her profuse yawning, and other tale-tell signs of sickness, she probably should have stayed home.  But, she did a great job fighting through and singing her best.  This year, she was a pilgrim.


And an excerpt from “He’s My Turkey.”