Help Nathan Buy Firefly

Firefly is a TV show that only lasted for 14 episodes which had a super-passionate fan base at the time it was cancelled.  Actually, its fan base has only grown both in size and fanaticism since.  It’s a space western.  (HOW AWESOME, RIGHT?)  Star Wars meets John Wayne.  Star Trek mixed with Tombstone.  Fox didn’t really know what they had and consequently didn’t know how to market or place it.

Nathan Fillion (who played one of the main characters, Captain Malcolm Reynolds) made an interesting comment during an Entertainment Weekly interview recently.  He said “If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.”  WOW.  I wish there was some way I could help make that happen.  Luckily there’s already an effort underway to do just that. is currently trying to organize us Browncoats so that we can help bankroll it.  I’d happily pledge $100 (yes Janie, out of my mad money).

It’s available on Netflix Instant right now.  You should check it out if you’ve never seen it before.  Although the genre “space western” is hard to comprehend, I promise you’ll like it.

It may sound crazy, but even is picking up on it.

Ramblings in March

I need to update all of our avid readers. I have been sewing lately – I know – show stopper. After my crayon roll experience, I figured I could handle a dress for Samantha. That’s equivalent, right? I got some Simplicity patterns and fabric. I finished her dress on Wednesday last week. I’m not sure if I’m finished with it yet, because it’s supposed to have a little trim at the bottom hem. I tried that, and it failed miserably, so I haven’t decided if I want to try again. This week, I started an outfit (top and bottoms) that Brian says looks like a girl scout uniform. Yes, it has green cotton, so it may possibly have hints of a Junior uniform, but it’s hardly solid green. I still need to add some embellishment to the bottom hem of the pants, but otherwise, I’m done. I’ll post pictures one day.

In other news, I am excited to be taking a trip to visit Lauren and Daniel in DC soon. Brian is, as usual, anxious of flying so I’ll have my work cut out for me to get him on the plane. I’m a little nervous about taking Samantha with us, but I think she’ll be ok. That is, if she starts feeling better.

Last Friday or Saturday, she started to get a runny nose and bad cough. We had a full weekend of errands, birthday parties and baptisms, so her nap schedule wasn’t what it should have been. I was worn out by Sunday night, so I know she was too. We had our new TV console furniture delivered yesterday, so the living room was in disarray when she got home from a full day at Paula’s house. (However, the shelves were not delivered, so we still can’t put the whole thing together.) She was in such a bad mood. Paula said she was really good all day and even acted like her appetite was coming back a little bit. Not the case last night. She was not satisfied with anyone or anything last night. I thought that because the house was a little out of the ordinary, that she just didn’t want to handle it. She went to bed a little early and woke up a little throughout the night just like she had been all week. This morning, Paula called and said she was running a fever so I took her to the doctor at lunch. She has a double ear infection that the doctor said looked pretty painful. That explains the acting up of the past 24 hours. I’ve got some numbing ear drops and a round of antibiotic, so hopefully she’ll start feeling better. Back in December, the doctor said that if she had one more ear infection, we’d have to go to the ENT to talk about tubes. Because she’s been sick since then and it didn’t develop into an ear infection, and because it’s been almost 4 months since the last one, the doctor said he would wait on the ENT visit. Hopefully, she’ll grow out of it soon.

In other TV news, our TV in the bedroom has a built-in DVD player. We’ve had it for a while and we really like it, but the DVD player is really sketchy. It’s not reliable and I may have been known to try to stuff 2 DVDs in at once. Just maybe. Since Sam’s still carries it, I thought we could try to take it back and get another one. So we did. Saturday afternoon, we start unpacking the new one and discover that it has a different bracket attachment on the back. It’s the same TV, but apparently a newer model. Brian finally ordered a conversion bracket for it, so maybe our bedroom will get back to normal (ladders and boxes out of the way) soon.

Well, I think that’s it. OH. I need to finish the shoe story. Socks with sandals didn’t work on Saturday, but I had some luck on Sunday night. She wore them around the house for about 2 hours! I’d say that it was success. However, Paula bought her some Crocs at the beach last weekend. Samantha has no problem with those. Crocs cover most of the foot, so maybe she thinks they are like regular shoes. I guess she can wear sandals this summer after all!

Ok, now I think I’m done.

New TV

Most every Saturday, we go to Amigo’s for lunch. Brian has been asking for years if we can go across the street to Best Buy afterwards and buy a TV. Our babysitter asked off for today, so I was home with Samantha and we had lunch at…you guessed it…Amigo’s. Brian actually went across the street afterwards and did what he’s been saying he’d do for years – he bought one.

Old and New TiVo

Today we Mauters must say goodbye to an old friend. Our Series 2 TiVo passed from this life around 9:30AM this morning.

Actually, I think the hard drive crashed. I can get a new one pre-loaded with the TiVo software, or I can get a much bigger drive and a $20 install kit for about $90.

OR, I can get a TiVo HD. The good thing about going this way is I’m future-proof and now-proof. It will receive the HD signal but can output in 480i for our dinosaur 27″ TV. Later when we get our 108″ LCD TV, we can switch the output to 1080i. Since we already have TiVo service, I can get the Product Lifetime Service for $100 less than you suckers. So that’s $180 for the box and $300 for the service. What a deal!

Oh Internet! What should I do?